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red ginseng

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Best efficacy and role of red ginseng


Basic Information of red ginseng

Product name: Koryo red ginseng

Brand: Girder

Species of ginseng: Ginseng

Import or not: No

Origin: Jilin

Seller-to-Seller: Edible agricultural products

Net content: Customization

Type: Ginseng

Storage method: Cool and dry

Notes: This product can not replace drugs.

Suitable population: Nourishing population

Unsuitable population: People with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, liver diseases, infants, pregnant and lactating women, children, adolescents and children

Unit of valuation: G

Number: GS-611

Shelf life: 36 months

How to eat: Cooking

Specification: Customization

Packing specification: About 12 heads of Koryo red ginseng are 500 g

Red ginseng is a common Chinese herbal medicine that can treat a variety of human diseases and plays an important role in daily life. It provides a greater guarantee for people's health. There are red ginseng in many Chinese and Western medicines. This kind of Chinese herbal medicine mainly refers to ginseng cooked products, the processing method is simple, the process is quick and convenient, and the efficacy and effect of red ginseng are many.

red ginseng 9.jpg

Red ginseng is used for physical weakness, limb cold pulse, gas does not take blood, rupture and bloody heart failure, cardiogenic shock. Red ginseng has the functions of tonifying qi, nourishing yin, benefiting blood, producing fluid, strengthening heart, strengthening stomach and calming. There is no strict distinction between these red effects and white ginseng, but it is generally believed that red ginseng is stronger than white ginseng. Long-term service of red ginseng can improve human immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, inhibit tumors, and adjust the body's endocrine system. Red ginseng is suitable for the elderly, long-term illness and physical weakness. Red ginseng has the characteristics of strong fire, strong foot and strong effect. It is the first choice for the yin and yang deficiency and yang deficiency. The medicine treats the collapse or the strong use of red ginseng.


Red ginseng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, belonging to the family Umbelliferae and Araliaceae. Red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng, which has great vitality, complex veins and solids, and benefits from qi and blood. The processing method of red ginseng is processed by ginseng by infiltration, washing, sorting, steaming, drying, drying and the like.

The red ginseng ring is not obvious, there are branch marks, the upper part of the rhizome is yellowish, and the top has a bowl of abalone, which is called "oily head". The characteristics of this product: quality, weight and crisp, fragrant, slightly bitter taste. Red ginseng is used for physical weakness, limb cold pulse, gas does not take blood, uterine bleeding; heart failure, cardiogenic shock. Red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng, which has the functions of replenishing vital energy, re-pulping and removing blood, and benefiting Qi and blood.

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Red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng. In addition to its functions of replenishing vital energy, replenishing spleen and lung, and revitalizing the nerves, it has a milder medicinal properties. It has the characteristics of large fire, strong foot and strong effect. It is longer than Dabu Yuanqi and Huiyang. , Qi and blood. From the perspective of health care, red ginseng is a tonic for those who lack blood and yang deficiency. Anyone who is often afraid of cold, hands and feet are not warm, dizziness, fatigue, limb weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and stomach sensation Cold, long-term diarrhea, insomnia, dreams, urinary frequency and other performances, can choose to use red ginseng tonic.

Make up the vitality, solidify the body and soothe the nerves. Treatment of labor injury, loss of food, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, stool slippage, virtual cough and asthma, spontaneous sweating, convulsions, forgetfulness, dizziness, headache, impotence, frequent urination, diabetes, uterine bleeding, pediatric slowness and long time no longer, all the evidence of lack of blood and fluid.

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