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red ginseng

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Changbai Mountain without pesticide residues red ginseng


Basic parameters of red ginseng

Product name: Red ginseng

Brand: Girder

Species of ginseng: Ginseng/panax ginseng

Import or not: No

Origin: Jilin

Seller-to-seller: Edible agricultural products

Type: Ginseng

Storage method: Dry ventilation

Unit of valuation: G

Shelf life: 12 months

How to eat: Cooking

Net content : Customization

Number: GS-612

Ginseng shape: All

Red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng, and its processing method is processed through infiltration, cleaning, sorting, steaming, drying, drying and other processes. During the steaming process, red ginseng undergoes chemical reactions and changes in composition due to heat treatment. The dried red ginseng is ruddy in color and fragrant.?

Compared with white ginseng, red ginseng has dense tissue, firmness, and good storage. Red ginseng has the effects of Qi, nourishing Yin, beneficial blood, Shengjin, strong heart, stomach, and sedation.

[Source] This product is a dried root after being steamed by Panax ginseneng C.A. Meyer. Dig, wash, steam and dry in autumn.


【 Identification】(1) Under the name of the reference[ Identification] (1) In the test, other characteristics shall be the same except for the blurred outline of starch paste.

(2) Under the item of ginseng[ Identification] (2) The results of the test shall be identical.

[Content Determination] Determination by High Performance Liquid Chromatography(Appendix VI D).

The chromatographic conditions and system applicability test used the 18 alkyl silane bond silica gel as filling agent; Acetonitrile-0.05 % phosphate solution(99:400) is a mobile phase; The detection wavelength is 203 nm. The number of theoretical plates should not be less than 2500 according to the ginsenoside Re peak.

The preparation of the reference product solution is precisely called the ginseng saponin Re reference 12.5 mg. In a 10ml measuring bottle, add methanol to the scale, shake evenly, accurately take 5ml, place a 25ml measuring bottle, add methanol to the scale, shake evenly; Another precision called ginsenoside Rg1 contrast 10MG, set a 25ml measurement bottle, add methanol to the scale, shake evenly, get(1 ml contains ginsenoside Rg10 .4 mg; Contains ginseng glycoside Re 0.25 mg).

The preparation of the test product solution is about 1G of powder(over the No. 4 screen), precisely qualified, adding chloroform 40mL to the cable extractor, heating back for 3 hours, abandoning the chloroimetic solution, and removing chloroform from the residue. Move together with the filter paper tube into a 100ml cone-shaped bottle, precisely add water-saturated n-butanol 50ml, ciphers, place overnight, ultrasonic treatment(power 250W, frequency 50kHz) for 30 minutes, filter, precision quantity to continue the filter 25ml, in the evaporating dish, steamed dry, the residue is dissolved with methanol and transferred to a 5ml measuring bottle. Methanol is added to the scale and shaken. The determination method accurately absorbs 10 μl and 20 μl of each of the two types of reference solution and the sample solution, respectively, and is injected into the liquid chromatography for determination.

This product contains the total amount of ginsenoside Rg1(C42H72O14) and ginsenoside Re(C48H82O18) not less than 0.20 %.

red ginseng 9.jpg

[Nature returned to the scriptures] Gan, slightly bitter, warm. Return to spleen, lungs, heart meridians.

[Functional rule] Big tonic strength, complex veins, beneficial Qi blood. Used for body deficiency, cold limbs, no blood intake, collapse and leakage of blood; Heart failure, cardiac shock.

[Usage dosage] 3 to 9g. [Note] It is not appropriate to use with verum.

[Storage] Keep cool and dry place, closed, prevent moths.?

【 Extract】 Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Red ginseng during the evaporation process, because heat treatment will occur chemical reactions, composition changes. New ingredients that are not available in ginseng and white ginseng are generated, namely G-Rh2, Panaxytriol, maltol, etc., which are unique to red ginseng. G-Rh2 and Panaxytriol have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, and maltor has an antioxidant effect. The dried red ginseng is ruddy in color and fragrant.?

Compared with white ginseng, red ginseng has dense tissue, firmness, and good storage. Red ginseng has the effects of Qi, nourishing Yin, beneficial blood, Shengjin, strong heart, stomach, and sedation.?

There is no strict difference between these roles and red participation in white ginseng, but red ginseng is generally considered to be stronger than white ginseng. Long-serving red ginseng can improve human immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-radiation, inhibit tumors, and adjust human endocrine system. The red ginseng is suitable for the elderly and the chronically ill. The red ginseng has the characteristics of great fire, strong strength, and strong efficacy. It is the first choice supplement for the yin and Yang virtual ones. It is used to treat virtual or strong supplement red ginseng.



The main root is spindle-shaped or cylindrical, 3 to 10cm long and 1 to 2cm in diameter. The surface is translucent, reddish-brown, occasionally opaque dark yellow-brown patches, with longitudinal trenches, wrinkles and fine root marks, with intermittent inconspicuous ring patterns on the upper part; The lower part has 2 to 3 twisted cross roots with curved whiskers or only whiskers. The Rhizome(Reed head) is 1 to 2cm long, with several concave stem marks(Reed bowls), and some with 1 to 2 intact or broken adventitious roots({Ding}). Hard and brittle, flat section, horny. The air is slightly fragrant and special, sweet and bitter.


1. Big strength, complex veins, beneficial Qi blood. Used for body deficiency, cold limbs, no blood intake, collapse and leakage of blood; Heart failure, cardiac shock.

[Usage dosage] 3 to 9g.

[Note] It is not appropriate to use with verum.

[Storage] Keep cool and dry place, closed, prevent moths.

【 Extract】 Chinese Pharmacopoeia

2, red ginseng can regulate the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, promote the body's material metabolism and the synthesis of protein, RNA, and DNA.

3, red ginseng can improve the brain, physical activity ability and immune function, enhance anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-radiation, Yixin compound veins, Anshen Shengjin, and lungs and spleen.

4, red ginseng can be used for body deficiency, shortness of breath, self-sweating, mental burnout, less vomiting and diarrhea, shortness of breath or cough, shortness of thirst, insomnia, panic and forgetfulness, impotence, urinary frequency, all deficiency of blood and blood fluid.

Red ginseng is effective for hypertension and atherosclerosis, liver disease, diabetes, anemia, tumors, and senile diseases.

red ginseng 5.jpg

Pharmacological effects

Total saponin & GT of ginseng; 2.5 %, ginsenosides Rb1 & GT; 0.4 %, moisture & lt; 13 %. Among them, total ginsenosides focus on anti-diuretic and anti-fatigue.

Method of consumption

Stew suit

Cut the ginseng into 2mm thin slices, place it in a porcelain bowl, fill it with water, seal the bowl, and place it in a pot to simmer for 4 to 5 hours.


With 2 to 3 pieces of ginseng in the mouth, chewing, refreshing, cool and delicious, is the simplest way to take.


The ginseng is ground into fine powder and swallowed every day. The amount of use depends on the individual's Constitution, usually 1 to 1.5 grams each time.



Cut the ginseng into thin slices, place it in a bowl or cup, and soak it with boiling water. Take it after 5 minutes.

Bubble wine

The whole ginseng can be sliced into thin slices and soaked in a bottle with 50 to 60 degrees of white wine. Take it daily.

Stewed food

Ginseng is often accompanied by a certain amount of bitterness when eaten. If ginseng is cooked with lean meat, chickens, and fish, it can eliminate bitterness and nourish the body. In addition, whether it is red ginseng or other ginseng in the process of eating must be gradual, not too hasty, excessive consumption. In addition, you must pay attention to seasonal changes. Generally speaking, the weather is cool in autumn and winter, and eating is better; The hot summer weather is not suitable for consumption. In short, as long as we have mastered the above food methods and precautions, the small ginseng can enable us to strengthen our health and longevity.

Red ginseng white ginseng

Red ginseng and white ginseng do not actually have a good effect, but which one is more suitable for themselves, red ginseng is a cooked product of white ginseng, red ginseng has the characteristics of fire, strength and foot. It is the first choice for yin and Yang, and white ginseng is a commonly used supplement for daily health care. Ginseng has the role of bidirectional regulation of hypertension, can be too high or too low blood pressure to the normal range of blood pressure, so whether high or low blood pressure people can use ginseng to health care.?

At the same time, it can also be eaten with antler tablets, which also has a good effect.


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