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red ginseng

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Wholesale american ginseng red ginseng korean ginseng


Essential information:
Brand: Girder
Import or not: No
Is it pre-packaged food: No
Origin: Jilin
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Net content specification: 200 g
Internal packing: Yes.
Overpack: Yes.
Specialty: Yes.
Warranty period: More than 12 months
Storage method: Cool and dry
Number: GS-604
Features: No additives
Packaging specification: 200g

Details about red ginseng:

What is red ginseng?

Ginseng, known as the "king of herbs", according to the Shennong Herbal Classic, "Ginseng, the main tonic five Zang organs, peace of mind, soul, stop palpitation, eliminate evil spirit, bright eyes, happy, wise. Long clothes, light body and long life." Red ginseng was invented by "steaming and drying" in order to optimize the preservation method of ginseng, which has a history of more than 400 years.?

Red ginseng dried after steaming is easier to store than white ginseng dried directly, and some ingredients change during processing, which has better efficacy.

Efficacy of red ginseng

1. Enhancing immunity

Improve the ability of anti-virus, help to prevent colds and other diseases.

2. Antioxidation

Anti-aging helps to prolong life and maintain a youthful state.

3. Improving memory

It helps to improve learning-related memory and prevent alzheimer's disease.

4. Promoting blood circulation

Help to improve the human peripheral circulation, improve cold constitution, cold hands and feet and other symptoms.

5. Improving menopausal symptoms

It is helpful to alleviate menopausal symptoms, delay the onset of menopause and shorten the cycle of menopause.

6. Improving fatigue

It helps to improve fatigue caused by daily activities, sports, work and mental stress.

Main active components of red ginseng

The main components of red ginseng are similar to white ginseng, which contain ginsenosides, pyrazine, polyacetylene, nitrogen, flavonoids, vitamins B group, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants, organic acids and amino acids.

The efficacy and characteristics of the main active ingredients are as follows:

Traditional eating ginseng mainly includes chewing directly, drinking in water, cooking soup and soaking wine, but the effective nutrients of ginseng extracted by these methods are extremely limited.?

Many precious nutrients of ginseng can not be extracted by traditional methods, which leads to the waste of nutrients of most ginseng and the failure to realize its real nutritional value.

"Red ginseng original solution" takes high quality Changbai mountain red ginseng as raw material, adopts advanced extraction methods, uses modern high-tech and scientific technology, fully extracts the nutritional components and active substances of red ginseng by biochemical methods, retains the essence of ginseng, which is easy to absorb, and has quick effect, full function, easy to take, one bag a day, tears open the packaging and drinks directly.

Which groups should take red ginseng liquid?

1. Prevention of avian influenza and influenza A

Results high pathogenic H5N1 wild type A1 virus?

The survival rate of mice infected with A1 virus was 45% 20 mice were tested.?

Only 15% of the mice fed 15 days ago survived, and only 30% of the mice fed 30 days ago survived.

The longer the period of prior ingestion, the better the preventive effect.

Research findings influenza A swine flu

The survival rate of mice fed red ginseng concentrate for 14 days was 80% higher than that of infected mice 20% survival.

2. Frequently feel tired and stressed

The effects of eliminating perplexity, increasing concentration and eliminating insecurity have been proved.

According to animal experiments, the appetite loss, unwillingness to exercise, fever and other phenomena caused by stress were improved by intake of red ginseng.

3. Diabetics

Ginseng contains insulin-like saponin G-rb2, which reduces blood sugar.

Improving glycometabolism and lowering high cholesterol

Improving the self-consciousness of diabetes mellitus

- Total fatigue, burnout, fatigue, shoulder pain, cold hands and feet.

Prevent complications by improving blood viscosity and cerebral blood flow in diabetic patients.

4. Frequent exposure to radioactive substances, such as hospital inspection.

Through human and animal experiments, the effects of improving radiation energy barrier, reducing mortality and restraining cell death have been confirmed.

To improve the radiation barrier and protective effect in patients with cervical cancer treated by radiotherapy.

5. Anti-aging

When the experimental animals were put into red ginseng for a long time, it had the effect of prolonging their life span.

6. Population with Tumors

Anti-tumor effect of acidic polysaccharide of red ginseng

Inhibitory effect of ginsenoside metabolites on cancer metastasis

7. People with impaired memory

Clinical trials were conducted in adults. The results showed that the memory ability of the experimental group with red ginseng intake was improved.

According to animal experiment results, it can improve memory and learning ability.

8. People who exercise regularly

Can improve sports ability

9. People with menopausal disorders

It can improve anxiety, dizziness, ovarian dysfunction promoting the secretion of female hormone esdrogen and digestive disorders.

Improvement of sexual function and depression

10. AIDS patients

Long-term intake of red ginseng can inhibit?

About the company:

The ginseng produced by the company of Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. is a typical Changbai mountain ginseng, pure fresh ginseng with soil, not the raw sundried ginseng fumigated by sulphur, nor the fresh-keeping ginseng soaked in wine; the whole growth process is using artificial weeding, without pesticides, fertilizer, pollution-free undergrowth ginseng; not the common ginseng planted in the pasture, but the undergrowth ginseng planted in the wild forest of Changbai mountain.

Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd.located in Yanbian city, Jilin province, It has a ginseng planting base of about 500,000 square meters,the main products or services for various ginseng processing.?

Our company has a large number of ginseng and ginseng subsidiary products include ginseng,mountain ginseng,fresh ginseng,sun-dried ginseng,ginseng flower tea,red ginseng,american ginseng,transplant wild ginseng,other herb etc.?

At same timen we have other herbal products such as:rhodiola,schisandra chinensis,ganoderma lucidum and velvet antler for you to choose.

We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the business philosophy of "quality in place, first-class service" to provide quality services for our customers. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd, guide and make business negotiation.