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Infrared thermometer

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Non contact forehead temperature measuring digital infrared thermometer gun(2)

infrared thermometer

Features of infrared thermometer:

Method of Measurement:Non contact
Measure distance:cm~5cm
Measure range:32oC~42.9oC
Margin of error:Object TEMP mode:35oC~42.9oC±0.2oC
Body TEMP mode:35oC~42.9oC±0.3oC
Display resolution:0.1oC
Operational environment:15oC~35oC ≤85%
Storage environment:0oC~50oC ≤85%
Power:DC 3V(2pcs No.7 AAA battery)
Power tips:Low battery power tip
Backlight high brightness backlight
Display units:Degree celsius(oC)/fahrenheit degree(oF)
Auto shut off:15 Second
Size:150mm X 95mm X 45mm

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How does "infrared thermometer" measure your temperature

The infrared temperature measuring gun that takes your temperature at the entrance of the community is basically designed in this way.

Therefore, after the thought is clear, we just need to put such a kabi in the temperature gun, measure the amount of thermal radiation released after it absorbs the radiation, and then we can convert the corresponding temperature of the measured object.

This can convert the received "infrared electromagnetic radiation" into "thermal radiation" (blackbody radiation process), and then convert "thermal radiation" into electrical signal (thermoelectric conversion process) is: pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR for short)

3、 The infrared thermometer is not accurate

OK, we can understand the principle and return to the problem of grounding gas. So another problem that we are concerned about is that the infrared thermometer is not accurate?

There are many reasons that affect the measurement results.

First, objective physical factors:

Because the "blackbody radiation law" is calculated when the working material is theoretical blackbody, and the material in life belongs to different "purity" blackbody because of the material relationship, the purity is expressed by "emissivity".

The emissivity of the theoretical blackbody is 1. Most of the emissivity we use for the temperature measuring gun is 0.95, which is suitable for most situations in our life. So you can observe that the display screen of the temperature measuring gun you can see basically reads "0.95".

But this 0.95 is the floating value based on the material of the object to be measured, which is one of the reasons why the infrared temperature gun is difficult to be absolutely accurate.

Second, pollution factors:

Because information is transmitted by electromagnetic radiation (light), it will inevitably be affected by external factors such as smoke and water vapor; in addition, the lens pollution at the entrance of the machine is also a part of the interference term.

Third, machine accuracy:

Because of the cost, most of the infrared temperature measuring guns we usually use do not use the more accurate two-color temperature measurement technology, and the precision of the internal components is also uneven; another is the numerical fluctuation caused by the distance error in use.

However, these limited shortcomings are hard to be the reason why we refuse the infrared thermogun.

Now we are using the infrared temperature gun, which is much better than the traditional heat conduction temperature measurement method -- short response time, high temperature measurement efficiency, relatively reliable accuracy without touching the measured object, low production cost and convenient operation.

So on the contrary, with the influence of so many objective factors, the infrared temperature gun can still ensure that the measurement temperature is maintained in a relatively accurate range, which is a very powerful thing in itself. It is not so perfect, but it is still a good product that can be selected in a limited range.

At least today, it's hard for me to imagine how difficult the prevention and control work would be if there were no similar technology products in this anti epidemic war, just infrared thermometry.