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Infrared thermometer

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Non-contact baby and adult 32 groups of memory electronic medical infrared thermometer

infrared thermometer

Feature of infrared thermometer :

Get result in 1 second.
Use quality sensor for high accuracy measure.
LCD backlight display.
oC and oF are easily convertible.
Three color of screen indicate temperature level.
Automatically power off after 30s if left it on still.
32 groups memories.
Audible Alarm.

Three color indicator:
Green light for temperature 37.9oC

Screen size:25mmx31.5mm
Measuring range
Forehead: 32 oC ~ 42.9 oC (89.6oF-109.2oF)
Object: 0oC ~ 100oC (32oF-199oF)

Temperature of forehead:±0.2oC/±0.4oF
Temperature of Object:±1oC/±2oF
Operating voltage:DC 3V
Battery powered:2 x AA(can be used more than 3000 times)
Automatic shut-down:10s±1s
Normal working environment
Temperature:10-40oC (50oF-104oF)
Relative humidity: 15-95% RH, non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kPa
Storage and Transportation
Humidity: -20-55oC (-4oF-131oF)
Relative humidity: 0-95% RH, non-condensing
Atmospheric pressure: 50-106kPa

Scheme parameters of infrared temperature gun frontal temperature gun

A. Technical parameters and product characteristics of the scheme

The best infrared wavelength of human body infrared thermometer is 9-13 μ m, and the maximum temperature measurement range is 35-45 ℃. Through the correction and calibration of the deviation between the surface temperature of ear and forehead and the actual body temperature, the accurate body temperature can be displayed.

The specific parameters of human body infrared thermometer are as follows:

Accurate measurement: measurement deviation ≤± 0.3 ℃.

Fast temperature measurement: the measurement time is less than 1 second.

Measurement distance: it can be adapted within 5-15cm without fixed measurement distance.

Screen display: LCD screen displays temperature measurement.

Unit conversion: use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other.

Temperature alarm: set alarm temperature freely

Store data: store measurement data for analysis, reference and comparison

Non contact: measure the ear cavity and forehead of human body without touching human skin

Setting modification: it can modify and set parameters to adapt to white, black, yellow, brown people of different skin color, etc

Easy to use: multi key measurement, easy to operate

B. Calibration method of frontal temperature gun of infrared thermometer for human body

Ambient temperature: place the sensor in a 25.00 + / -0.02 degree water tank, press a key to confirm after it is stable, generally taking 30 seconds.

Blackbody temperature: first adjust the blackbody furnace to 37.00 + / -0.02 degrees, then plug the sensor into the blackbody furnace, and then press a key to confirm when it is stable. General time 20

C. Preparation of frontal temperature gun for infrared thermometer of human body

First of all, we need to have matching shell, LCD, sensor, and product specifications. In this way, the chip scheme can be developed in hardware and software

1. How many function keys are there in the shell

2. How many feet does the LCD need

3. Is the sensor digital or analog

4. Product specification: what kind of battery power supply, domestic or medical, whether calibration is needed

D. Product production test

Is there a blackbody furnace? The accuracy is 0.02-0.05 C. blackbody is required in the test phase

Constant temperature room in the factory? Adjustable for medium, high and low temperature

Do you know the radiator? There is a problem in the structure, optical components and sensors, which leads to the uncertainty of constant test and correction. Electronic design engineers may not be able to solve these problems

Do you have clinical experimental resources? (go to the hospital, they have people with fever, middle and small, who don't have fever, do some test data for a period of time.)