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Infrared thermometer

Product name: medical infrared thermometer
Power: DC 3V(1.5V AAA battery 2 pcs);
Package size: L110 X W55 X 185 mm
Weight : 160g
Measuring range: 32oC-42.9oC
Accuracy: ±0.2oC(35.0oC-42.0oC
Workig temperature: 16oC to 35oC
Relative humidity:

Two in one dual laser infrared thermometer is a combination of infrared temperature measurement and K-type temperature measurement. It can adapt to your different temperature measurement requirements according to your needs, and the dual laser indicator can be conveniently aimed at measuring temperature. The temperature range of this series is 1350 ℃ (ht-8965), the distance ratio is as high as 30:1, the fast response time is less than 250ms, and the accuracy is ± 1.5%. It is a safe and ideal non-contact temperature measuring tool.

Temperature measurement of K-type thermocouple

The original factory standard K type thermocouple realizes fast and safe temperature measurement.

1) Hold the handle of the infrared thermometer and make the infrared sensor point to the surface of the object to be measured.

2) Pull the trigger to start the measurement. If the battery is sufficient, the display will be on. If it is not on or the battery energy is insufficient, please replace it with a new battery.

3) The "scan" prompt will appear at the top left of the LCD screen during measurement.

4) Keep pulling the trigger.

5) Press the laser button to turn the laser sight on / off. If the laser is not used for aiming, press the laser button again to turn off the laser.

6) Press the "° C / ° F" button to select the temperature unit (° C or ° f).

7) Release the trigger, and the "hold" prompt appears on the LCD screen, indicating that the reading has been maintained.

8) The instrument will shut down automatically after releasing the trigger for about 20 seconds.

Measurement instructions of infrared thermometer

1. Hold the handle of the infrared thermometer, and align the infrared thermometer with the object to be measured. The instrument can automatically compensate the error caused by the change of ambient temperature, but when the change of measuring ambient temperature is too large or a high temperature object is measured first and then a low temperature object is measured, the instrument needs to conduct 30 minutes of heat balance in a stable environment before the next measurement.

2. The laser is only used for long-distance aiming. It can be turned off and not used in short-distance measurement, which can save electric energy.

3. Working principle of infrared thermometer

1) The infrared thermometer is used to measure the surface temperature of the object.

2) The optical element of the infrared thermometer emits, reflects and transmits energy, which is collected and gathered on a detector. This information is transformed into temperature reading and displayed by electronic components.

3) The laser point on the instrument is used to aim at the object under test.

4. Field of view

1) Make sure that the area of the object to be measured is larger than the diameter of the infrared circular light point of the infrared thermometer.

2) The smaller the target, the closer the thermometer should be to the target.

3) Please make sure that the area of the object to be measured is not less than twice that of the measuring point.

4) Make sure that the area of the object to be measured is larger than the diameter of the infrared circular light point of the infrared thermometer.

5. Hot spot location: to find a hot spot, first align the thermometer with the outside of the measured area, then slowly move the thermometer up and down to scan the whole area until the hot spot of the test point is determined.

6. Tips

1) It is not allowed to measure the infrared thermometer through the transparent surface (such as glass).

2) Steam, dust, smoke, etc. will block the infrared ray of the instrument from affecting the accuracy of measurement.

The infrared thermometer is not used for a long time. Please remove the battery.

Weight: 275g

Size: 95 * 83 * 192mm

Accessories: manual, warranty card, 9V battery, K-type temperature probe, canvas cover, color box