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Infrared thermometer

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CE Approved wholesale non contact one second electronic read forehead digital infrared thermometer

infrared thermometer

Forehead baby digital thermometer infrared

Measuring accuracy:±0.2℃/±0.4℉

Measurinf localization:Instant forehead and object surface

Measurong range:Body mode 32.0℃~43.0℃(89.6℉-109.4℉)

Object mode:0.0~100.0℃(32.0℉F~199.9℉)

Display:LCD digital display

Measurement diatance:Within1~3cm

Automatic power-off:1 minute±20 seconds

Response:1 second

Temperature unit:℃/℉

Memory function:20 sets memory of measurement values

Power source:3V DC,2x15V AAA batteries

Main unit weight:Approx. 75g(batteries not induded)

Main unit size:L151.5mm x W53mm x H41mm

Accessories:Instruction manual

Storage Range:-20℃~55℃/-4℉~131℉,15%-95%RH

Infrared thermometer: high precision, safety and durability

Almost no physical quantity is measured as frequently as temperature. There are various possibilities for measuring temperature by infrared. In addition to traditional thermometers, pyrometers (also known as laser thermometers or infrared thermometers) have been effectively verified as temperature measuring instruments.

Infrared thermometer for you

The thermometer is used for the fast non-contact measurement of surface temperature.

Even for dynamic process or hard to reach parts, temperature measurement can be easily carried out.

The temperature measurement is reliable and low-cost.

Infrared measurement background

Although infrared thermometer is an ideal thermometer, the following background should be noted:

Measure the emissivity of the object. The emissivity table is stored in the laser infrared thermometer.

This kind of thermometer needs a certain response time in a cold environment.

Correct measurement, easy: professional advice of laser infrared thermometer

Like infrared thermometer, this kind of thermometer is accurate, safe and easy to operate. With some suggestions and techniques, you can even get better measurement results:

Right model: the most important question at the beginning: what kind of thermometer do you need? Is the model equipped with laser sufficient, or must it be equipped with a pierce type thermometer to measure the center temperature?

Mold risk? Mold identification is a special application.

Response time: pay attention to the response time before measuring. This is the time for the infrared thermometer to adapt to the ambient temperature. This takes a while, especially in cooler environments.

Emissivity: almost every object emits radiation. Emissivity is a parameter to describe it. The emissivity of each measurement object must be set before measurement. Infrared thermometer stores emissivity table, which makes setting work easier.

Measuring point: according to the distance between the measuring object and the measuring instrument, determine a specific measuring range, which is the measuring point. In order to avoid the adverse effect from the boundary area, the measurement object should always be larger than the measurement point given in the thermometer data.