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Infrared thermometer

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CE approved wholesale non-contact laser color LCD display infrared thermometer

infrared thermometer

CE approved wholesale non-contact laser color LCD display infrared thermometer


1, Fast and easy measurement.
2, Precise non-cantact measurement.
3, The built-in laser pointer increases the target accuracy.
4. Color LCD display
5. Ajustable emissivity: 0.1~1.0
6, Automatic measurement range selection with resolution 0.1 ℃/0.1 ℉.
7, Data hold.
8, Auto power off.
9, User selectable units.
10. D:S=13:1

IR temp. range:

Accuracy(IR):-50~0℃/-58~32℉:±4℃ / 7℉

Above 0℃: ±2% or reading ±2℃ /3.6℉ which is greater

Field of view:D:S=Approx. 13:1

Emissivity:Adjustable from 0.1~1.0


Response time:less than 1s

Spectral response:8~14um

Diode laser:Output less than 1mW,wavelength 630~670nm,class (Ⅱ)

Temp. conditions
Operation: 0~50℃/32~122℉; Storage:-20~60℃/-4~158℉

Humidity conditions
Operation: 10 to 95%RH(Non-condensation);

Storage: less than 80%RH

Infrared thermometer is a fast temperature detection tool. It can measure the temperature of the target population outside the safe distance with an accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃, which can meet the needs of the initial screening of body temperature and is economical and practical. It has two intelligent temperature measurement modes, which are not only suitable for flexible inspection, but also can be deployed at fixed entrances and exits. It is an ideal choice to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control and ensure public health and safety.

With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, a new wave of demand has added fire to the otherwise hot frontal gun market, which is the face recognition infrared thermometer.

The infrared imaging module in the infrared thermometer for face recognition is composed of a sensor + a digital conversion board (MCU ?storage, etc.), and the probe, that is, the temperature sensor, is the most scarce at present. At present, mlx90640 infrared temperature measurement module is the main temperature sensor in the market.

The infrared thermometer is a fully calibrated 32x24 pixel thermal infrared array. Its internal integrated environment sensor IC can measure the chip's environment temperature and provide a sensor IC for measuring VDD. The outputs of all sensor ICs, including IR, Ta, and VDD, are stored in internal RAM and accessible through I? C.

Summary of advantages of infrared thermometer:

- 40 to 85 ° c operating temperature range, allowing deployment in difficult industrial environments

Can measure the object temperature between - 40 and 300 ° C

The typical temperature accuracy of the target object is 1 °, the accuracy of the whole measurement range

Two different FOV options: standard 55 ° X35 ° and 110 ° x75 ° wide angle

No recalibration for specific temperature requirements to ensure greater convenience and lower operating costs

When the refresh rate is 1Hz, the NETD is only 0.1k RMS

4-pin to39 package with necessary optics

I2 C compatible digital interface, simplified integration

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is affecting the demand for temperature sensors. However, many manufacturers are shutting down and the supply chain is seriously inadequate. The infrared thermometer is basically in a state of no availability. In this case, the infrared temperature measurement module solution, after multiple algorithm optimization and fitting, has reached a considerable level of reliability. In the case of global shortage of infrared temperature measurement instruments, it can be replaced optimally, which can solve the urgent problem that there is no goods available in this industrial chain at present. It is a great advantage of infrared temperature measurement industry.

Summary of advantages of infrared thermometer:

The cost of infrared thermometer is relatively low, and the basic performance level is optimized by multiple algorithms;

The accuracy of temperature measurement is high, and the accuracy error of temperature measurement can be controlled within ± 0.2 ℃;

Support the adaptation and secondary development of UART interface of general serial communication in the industry, and alleviate the serious shortage of infrared thermometers in the industry.

The overseas epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious, and the pressure of overseas import continues to exist. The anti epidemic will become a world-wide lasting war. Wearing masks, taking body temperature, washing hands frequently, ventilating more, one meter of thread and not gathering will also be accompanied by the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Under the background that it is difficult for manufacturers to return to work completely, production capacity continues to decline, and global demand further increases, it can be predicted that the shortage of temperature sensors represented by infrared thermometers will continue for a long time. Choosing the solution of infrared temperature measurement module can not only solve the problem that the infrared temperature measurement manufacturer has no goods available, but also solve the urgent demand of the society for infrared temperature measurement instrument, which is the best solution for the manufacturer, the society and the whole epidemic prevention and control industry.