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Infrared thermometer

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Camera function --50 to 1600 celsius performance video TFT color LCD display infrared thermometer

infrared thermometer

Professional Infrared Video Thermometers with 2.2” color TFT LCD display & a micro SD memory card for capturing images (JPEG) or video (3GP) for viewing on your PC, provides fast, easy and accurate readings for most surface temperature measurements. The measurement of dew point will be very visible for wet and dry proof.

Response time:150ms
Resolution:0.1° up 1000°, 1°over 1000°
Basic accuracy (IR):±1.0% of the reading
Optical Resolution:50:1 Distance to Spot Size
Emissivity adjustable:0.10~1.0 Adjustable
Type K temp. range:-50℃ to 1370℃ / -58℉ to 2498℉
Basic accuracy (TK):±0.5% of reading
Micro SD memory card:Max. support 8GB
Air temp range:0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122℉
Air temp basic accuracy: ±0.5℃ / 1℉
Humidity range:0-100% RH
Dew point temp. range:0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122℉
Wet Bulb Temp. range:0 to 50℃ / 32 to 122℉
Size (H*W*D):155mm*62mm*205mm

Infrared body thermometer

A、 Instrument introduction:

The infrared human body thermometer is characterized by fast measurement, small size, portability, accuracy and durability. CEM infrared body thermometer series has obtained the relevant certification of medical devices, consumers can buy and use it at ease.

B、 Function features of infrared human body thermometer:

1. Safety: through the certification of medical devices, it can be used for non-contact measurement and screening of human body temperature;

2. Major: national standard drafting unit and more than 20 years of professional measurement technology are trustworthy;

3. Fast: 0.5 seconds fast non-contact temperature measurement, no longer for the baby resistance to temperature measurement and worry;

4. Accuracy: the temperature error of 0.3 ℃ is next to that of 0.2 ℃ of contact mercury thermometer;

5. Simple operation: one key measurement

6. Fever reminder: set the alarm value by yourself (default 38 ℃)

7. Optional mode: internal / external mode

8. Storage function: 32 measurement data can be stored

C、 Technical parameters of infrared body thermometer:

Internal range: 32.0 ℃ ~ 42.5 ℃

Body surface range: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Basic accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃

Measurement mode: forehead / back of ear contactless

Measuring distance: 1-10cm

Response time: 0.5 seconds

Spectral reaction: 6 ~ 14um

Record data: 32 groups

Display: LCD with backlight

Automatic power off: automatic power off after about 7 seconds

Over range prompt: "Hi" / "Lo" will be displayed on the display

Operating temperature and humidity: 0 ℃ - 50 ℃ / 10% - 90% RH

Power supply: 2 AAA 7 batteries

Package size: 180 * 130 * 55mm

Package weight: 252g

D、 Application of infrared body thermometer:

1. Home use of infrared thermometers

We can observe the temperature change of children every day without disturbing their sleep or play, so as to know their health status.

The body surface mode can measure the temperature of the baby's bath water or the temperature of the milk bottle, so as to facilitate the preparation of the baby's milk powder. Pregnant women and the elderly also greatly improve the convenience of using this product.

2. Infrared body thermometer, airport, automobile, customs and other public places

Take one-to-one temperature measurement for passengers in crowded places such as airport, station and customs. It will be the first pass of "screening fever patients" to measure the temperature of international return flight passengers.

3. Infrared body thermometer school, enterprises and institutions, etc

During the college entrance examination, each examination hall shall be equipped with school doctors and staff to take temperature measurements of candidates.

Enterprises and institutions should also take daily morning and night time measurement to ensure the health and life safety of employees.

4. Infrared body thermometer medical and health industry

According to the record of the drug administration, as a class II medical device, it can be used as a medical infrared body thermometer. It is more convenient for medical staff to use non-contact infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of patients than the traditional mercury thermometer. And non-contact design can minimize the risk of virus transmission.

5、 Infrared body thermometer accessories:

Infrared body thermometer × 1

Instruction manual × 1

Warranty card × 1

AAA "battery 7 × 2

Canvas bag × 1

Packing color box × 1

The medical infrared thermometer is based on the pressure head of the measured medium to drive the elliptical gear to rotate. Therefore, the flow measurement is independent of the flow state of the fluid. The larger the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and metering space gap, so the larger the sticking skin of the nuclear testing medium, the smaller the leakage error, and the more favorable for the measurement. It has high measurement accuracy and is suitable for the measurement of high viscosity medium flow, but not for the fluid containing solid particles (solid particles will jam the gear, so that the flow cannot be measured). If there is gas in the measured liquid medium, the measurement error will also be caused. Medical infrared thermometer is a kind of volume flowmeter, which is used to measure the flow or instantaneous flow of liquid in the pipeline continuously or intermittently. It is especially suitable for flow measurement of heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin and other medium with high viscosity. Before installation, the pipeline shall be cleaned. If there are solid particles in the liquid, the filter must be installed upstream of the pipeline; if there are gas, the exhaust device shall be installed.

The medical infrared thermometer has no certain requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. During installation, the rotating shaft of the elliptical gear of the flowmeter shall be parallel to the ground. The infrared thermometer installed correctly according to the requirements can ensure enough accuracy when used. Generally, the accuracy of the accumulated value can reach 0.5 level, which is a relatively accurate flow measurement instrument. However, if the flow rate of the measured medium is too small, the influence of the leakage error of the instrument will be prominent, which can no longer guarantee enough measurement accuracy. Therefore, infrared thermometers of different models and specifications have an allowable value for the minimum flow. Only when the actual measured flow is greater than the allowable value of the lower limit flow of infrared thermometers, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed.