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red ginseng

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Manufacturers wholesale changbaishan no sugar red ginseng


Essential information
Product Name: Changbai mountain red ginseng
Brand: Girder
Species of ginseng: Red ginseng,ginseng
Import or not: No
Origin: Jilin
Seller-to-Seller: Edible agricultural products
Net content: Customization
Type: Ginseng
Storage method: Cool and dry
Note: This product can not be used as a substitute for drugs.
Suitable crowd: Those who need to improve memory, those who are easy to fatigue, those with low immunity, middle-aged and elderly people
Unsuitable crowd: People with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, liver disease, infants, children, pregnant and lactating women, children.
Unit of valuation: G
Number: GS-605
Shelf life: 24 months
Eating method: Ready to eat
Net content: Customization
Packaging Specification: Red ginseng

Details of red ginseng:

Korean ginseng and red ginseng are two kinds of common nourishing nutrients.?

They both have strong nourishing effect and good health function.?

They are welcomed by health care enthusiasts.?

Generally speaking, ginseng and red ginseng have their own functions,and they all have good edible value.?

We can't say who is good or bad one-sidedly,but we should choose them according to our own situation.?

So what's the difference between ginseng and red ginseng?

Origin: Korean ginseng is mainly produced in Korea and Korean Peninsula.?

Red ginseng is mainly produced in three provinces of northeast China, such as Jilin,Liaoning and Heilongjiang.

Growth habit: Ginseng is afraid of both cold and heat.?

It grows in a sunny place.The soil must be dry and rainwater is not allowed to stagnate.?

Red ginseng likes cold and humid climate and is cold-resistant.Like oblique and diffuse light,avoid strong light and high temperature.

Morphological characteristics:Ginseng is long columnar,the upper half is pressed into irregular square columnar,7-400 PX long and 1-50 PX in diameter; the surface is red-brown to dark red-brown, glossy,slightly transparent,and the skin is delicate and oily,the rhizome is short and thick concave, some with two ginseng reeds, the stem scar of ginseng reed is large,slightly bowl-shaped,the upper part of the root has a transverse ring pattern.?

There are longitudinal wrinkles and a few shallow longitudinal grooves in the middle and lower part,1-3 branches in the lower part of the bottom,4 branches rare and thicker,the quality is heavy, not easy to break,the section is flat,red-brown,lustrous,cutin,light cambium color.?

The main roots of red ginseng are spindle or cylindrical,3-250 PX long and 1-50 PX in diameter.?

The surface is translucent, reddish-brown,occasionally opaque dark-yellow-brown patches with longitudinal grooves, wrinkles and fine root marks,and the upper part has intermittent and inconspicuous rings,the lower part has 2-3 twisted and cross branched roots with curved fibrous roots or only fibrous root remnants.?

The rhizome is 1-50px long, with several pit-like stem scars, some with 1-2 complete or broken adventitious roots.Hard and brittle,flat section,cutin.

Color and odor:The colour of ginseng is dark red and glossy. It has a strong and special smell.It tastes bitter and sweet.?

Red ginseng is red,lustrous,fragrant and special,sweet and bitter.

Technology and processing method: The processing technology of Korean ginseng is complex, and different processing technology makes different kinds of Korean ginseng.?

The ginseng harvested was processed into red ginseng with the best quality and the rest into white ginseng.?

Red ginseng and white ginseng are divided into three grades: heaven,earth and human according to their thickness,shape and luster.?

Red ginseng is processed by soaking,cleaning, sorting,steaming, drying, drying and other processes of ginseng.

Functions: Ginseng has the functions of invigorating vital energy, nourishing and strengthening,nourishing body fluid and quenching thirst, tranquilizing mind and improving intelligence.?

It is suitable for patients with palpitation and insomnia,body deficiency,heart failure,cardiogenic shock,etc.?

Red ginseng has the functions of reinforcing vital energy and invigorating vital energy to absorb blood.?

Red ginseng is suitable for deficiency of body,weakness of limb cold pulse, lack of vital energy to absorb blood, bleeding from metrorrhagia,heart failure,cardiogenic shock,etc.

Nutritional value: The nutritional value and curative effect of ginseng are higher than those of red ginseng.?

Because it is the root of more than six years,time has absorbed the essence of the world.?

And in the later processing,cooking process is also different from red ginseng.?

Many precious Chinese herbal medicines were added during the processing, so their nutritional value was absorbed, thus the nourishing effect of ginseng was strengthened and improved.

Matters needing attention

1.Tea, coffee and radish, spinach, Chinese cabbage, mustard and cold frozen food should not be consumed during the period of taking.

Slippery diarrhea and greasy and difficult to digest food will affect the benefit effect.

2.Patients with hypertension should not take it.

3.During the period of taking, if there are symptoms of burning such as sore mouth and tongue,gum bleeding, skin sores and ulcers,or allergic phenomena such as loss of appetite, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dispersed blisters,it should be discontinued immediately.

4. It should not be used with veratrum.

5. It is not suitable to fry for too long,usually 30-60 minutes.

About the company:

The ginseng produced by the company of Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. is a typical Changbai mountain ginseng, pure fresh ginseng with soil, not the raw sundried ginseng fumigated by sulphur, nor the fresh-keeping ginseng soaked in wine; the whole growth process is using artificial weeding, without pesticides, fertilizer, pollution-free undergrowth ginseng; not the common ginseng planted in the pasture, but the undergrowth ginseng planted in the wild forest of Changbai mountain.

Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd.located in Yanbian city, Jilin province, It has a ginseng planting base of about 500,000 square meters,the main products or services for various ginseng processing.?

Our company has a large number of ginseng and ginseng subsidiary products include ginseng,mountain ginseng,fresh ginseng,sun-dried ginseng,ginseng flower tea,red ginseng,american ginseng,transplant wild ginseng,other herb etc.?

At same timen we have other herbal products such as:rhodiola,schisandra chinensis,ganoderma lucidum and velvet antler for you to choose.

We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the business philosophy of "quality in place, first-class service" to provide quality services for our customers. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd, guide and make business negotiation.