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red ginseng

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Basic parameters

Product Name: High quality red ginseng
Brand: Girder
Ginseng species: Ginseng,panax ginseng
Import or not: No
Origin: Jilin
Seller-to-Seller: Edible agricultural products
Net content: Customization
Type: Ginseng
Storage method: Cool and dry
Note: This product can not be used as a substitute for drugs.
Suitable crowd: Middle-aged and old people
Unsuitable population: Infants, pregnant and lactating women, adolescents and children
Unit of valuation: G
Number: GS-606
Shelf life: 12 months
Net content: Customization
Packaging specification: Customization

Details of red ginseng:

The difference between white ginseng and red ginseng

White ginseng refers to all kinds of processing in ginseng products except red ginseng, such as sun-dried ginseng, white sugar ginseng, white dried ginseng, etc.?

It is generally called white ginseng.?

Usually, the harvested ginseng is dried and the best quality ginseng is selected to be processed into red ginseng.?

The rest is processed into white ginseng. Although red ginseng and white ginseng are all ginseng, there are some differences between them.?

Let's take a look at white ginseng together. The difference between red ginseng and red ginseng.

Specific differences between white ginseng and red ginseng

1. Technological difference: White ginseng is made directly by drying water ginseng raw ginseng.?

Red ginseng is prepared by steaming water ginseng 75% or white ginseng 12% under certain technological conditions.

2. Physical property difference: Compared with white ginseng, red ginseng is compact, firm and has good storage property.?

Red ginseng is generally valid for 10 years and white ginseng is about 2 years.

3. Composition difference: Red ginseng and white ginseng have the same ingredients.?

Red ginseng in steaming process, because heat treatment will biochemical reaction, composition changes, will produce new ingredients of water ginseng and white ginseng, that is, physiological active substances G-Rh2, panaxytriol, maltol, etc. unique to red ginseng, G-Rh2, panaxytriol have the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, maltol has antioxidant effect.

4. Efficiency difference: Red ginseng is superior to white ginseng in antioxidant activity related to aging inhibition, improving blood circulation, increasing anticancer activity of anticancer agents, and affecting growth and development of animals.

5. Application difference: Ginseng has been used in invigorating Qi, nourishing Yin, nourishing blood and nourishing Jin since ancient times.?

It has the functions of strengthening heart, strengthening stomach and sedating.?

There is no strict difference between red ginseng and white ginseng in these functions, but it is generally considered that red ginseng is stronger than white ginseng in tonifying deficiency.

Medical efficacy of radix ginseng

1. Dabu yuanqi: Suitable for deficiency of yuanqi.

(1) Qi deficiency, pallor, palpitation, perspiration and weak pulse.

(2) Qi shedding yang, the above symptoms are both cold sweat dripping, limbs are not warm. Each is used with aconite.

2. Supplementing the spleen and benefiting the lung: It can treat the deficiency of spleen and lung-qi.

(1) Weak spleen and stomach, fewer food and stool, fatigue and weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, weak tongue and slow pulse.

(2) Insufficient lungs, cough and asthma, weakness of movement, deficiency of sweat and pulse, susceptibility to wind and cold.

3. Shengjin to quench thirst: For thirst and quenching thirst in wounds.

(1) Jin wound thirst, heat damaging Qi and yin, body heat and thirst, sweating body tired, weak pulse, each with gypsum, anemarrhena asphodeloides.

(2) Internal heat eliminates thirst, irritates thirst and has weak pulse number, which belongs to the deficiency of internal heat and Qi and yin. It is often used with Yin-nourishing and heat-clearing drugs.

4. Tranquilize the mind and increase the intelligence: Maintain the mental disturbance caused by insufficient Qi and blood, insomnia and forgetfulness, often accompanied by tranquilizing drugs.?

It can also be used to treat deficiency of blood, impotence and excessive pathogenic factors of kidney deficiency.?

All of them take the merits of vigorous Qi,and vigorous yang, self-strengthening Qi and strengthening the body and removing pathogenic factors.

About the company:

The ginseng produced by the company of Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. is a typical Changbai mountain ginseng, pure fresh ginseng with soil, not the raw sundried ginseng fumigated by sulphur, nor the fresh-keeping ginseng soaked in wine; the whole growth process is using artificial weeding, without pesticides, fertilizer, pollution-free undergrowth ginseng; not the common ginseng planted in the pasture, but the undergrowth ginseng planted in the wild forest of Changbai mountain.

Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd.located in Yanbian city, Jilin province, It has a ginseng planting base of about 500,000 square meters,the main products or services for various ginseng processing.?

Our company has a large number of ginseng and ginseng subsidiary products include ginseng,mountain ginseng,fresh ginseng,sun-dried ginseng,ginseng flower tea,red ginseng,american ginseng,transplant wild ginseng,other herb etc.?

At same timen we have other herbal products such as:rhodiola,schisandra chinensis,ganoderma lucidum and velvet antler for you to choose.

We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the business philosophy of "quality in place, first-class service" to provide quality services for our customers. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd, guide and make business negotiation.