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red ginseng

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Wholesale changbai mountain specialty supply northeast korean red ginseng


Essential information
Product Name: Red ginseng
Brand: Girder
Species of ginseng: Red ginseng,ginseng
Import or not: No
Origin: Jilin
Seller-to-Seller: Edible agricultural products
Net content: Customization
Type: Ginseng
Storage method: Cool and dry
Note: This product can not be used as a substitute for drugs.
Suitable crowd: Easy fatigue, low immunity, middle-aged and old people
Unsuitable population: Infants, children, pregnant and lactating women
Pricing Unit: Customization
Number: GS-607 Warranty: 12 months
Net content: Customization

Details of red ginseng:

Taboo of eating red ginseng

1. When a cold or fever occurs, it is not suitable to take: This is because the body will have severe palpitations in the process of fever, and the blood circulation speed will increase after taking ginseng.?

At this time, it will lead to the aggravation of palpitation and make the problem of cold and fever worse, which is not conducive to the recovery of the illness, but may lead to the deterioration of the illness.?

2. Asthma and throat dryness are not suitable for use: Red ginseng is not recommended if there is sudden asthma or throat dryness caused by body dryness and heat.?

In addition, if it is due to temporary emotional excitement caused by vomiting and so on, then it is best not to use red ginseng.

3. Damp-heat induced abstinence from edema in the abdomen: This is because ginseng has a certain anti-diuretic effect, after taking not only can not alleviate edema, but will aggravate the condition, and is not recommended to take.?

In addition, if it is due to renal insufficiency caused by oliguria, it is not recommended to take red ginseng to treat the disease.

4. Patients with insomnia, dreaminess and restlessness are not advised to take it: Red ginseng will be more energetic after taking it, which will not only lead to worse sleep effect, but also difficult to play a meditative effect.

5. Red ginseng should not be taken with grapes: Experts tell us that if ginseng is taken with grapes, the nutritional value of ginseng will be damaged.?

This is because grapes contain a certain amount of tannic acid, which binds to the protein contained in ginseng and produces precipitation, which will affect our body's absorption of nutrients.

6. Avoid radish and seafood after taking: Red ginseng is a great tonic medicine, after taking it has a good effect of nourishing vital energy.?

It is recommended that radish should not be eaten after taking ginseng, including white radish, carrot and green radish.?

This is because radish has the effect of digestion and diuresis, if taken together, it will greatly reduce the nourishing effect of ginseng on the body.?

In addition to radish, seafood is also best not to take immediately, these will affect the efficacy.

7. Avoid drinking tea after taking red ginseng: If you drink tea after taking ginseng, the tea polyphenols contained in tea will be combined with ginseng, which will reduce the nourishing effect of ginseng.

8. Avoid using hardware cookers: When decocting ginseng, whether it is taken in chaotic sun or decoction, do not use hardware cookers, otherwise it will affect the final efficacy of ginseng.

9. Don't abuse red ginseng: With the continuous improvement of living standards, red ginseng has also entered the aggravation of ordinary people.?

Many people regard ginseng as a kind of nourishing and health-preserving medicine.?

They think that if we want to get the best effect, we must take red ginseng regularly and in large quantities.?

In fact, this is a very wrong idea, if the abuse of ginseng, not only can not do the best nourishing effect on the body, but will lead to the central nervous system too excited, insomnia, itching, dizziness and so on.?

Therefore, daily use of ginseng must be gradual.

Summary: Red ginseng and white ginseng all have the functions of tonifying deficiency, strengthening, strengthening Qi and prolonging life, but their functions are similar and different.?

In short, red ginseng is a warm tonic with strong odor, slight bitterness and sweetness, sexual warmth and warm function.?

It is mainly used for the syndrome of spleen and kidney deficiency and cold, genuine Yang decline.?

White ginseng is a kind of pure tonic, which has a pleasant taste, slightly bitter and slightly cold.?

It can nourish Qi and nourish yin. It is mainly used for the syndrome of deficiency of both qi and yin.?

Red ginseng and white ginseng are both suitable for the disease of Qi deficiency, but red ginseng should be used for the disease of Qi deficiency and cold symptoms, while white ginseng must be used for the disease of Qi deficiency and heat symptoms.

About the company:

The ginseng produced by the company of Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. is a typical Changbai mountain ginseng, pure fresh ginseng with soil, not the raw sundried ginseng fumigated by sulphur, nor the fresh-keeping ginseng soaked in wine; the whole growth process is using artificial weeding, without pesticides, fertilizer, pollution-free undergrowth ginseng; not the common ginseng planted in the pasture, but the undergrowth ginseng planted in the wild forest of Changbai mountain.

Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. located in Yanbian city, Jilin province, It has a ginseng planting base of about 500,000 square meters,the main products or services for various ginseng processing.?

Our company has a large number of ginseng and ginseng subsidiary products include ginseng,mountain ginseng,fresh ginseng,sun-dried ginseng,ginseng flower tea,red ginseng,american ginseng,transplant wild ginseng,other herb etc.?

At same timen we have other herbal products such as:rhodiola,schisandra chinensis,ganoderma lucidum and velvet antler for you to choose.

We are highly recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and quality, and adhere to the business philosophy of "quality in place, first-class service" to provide quality services for our customers. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd, guide and make business negotiation.